30 Day Challenge

This is not actually a New Years resolution, more of a mission of mine for a few months. I did get a bit side tracked when my parents arrived for their visit. I want to be a blogger, I want to be a decent photographer more. Currently I know I’m not even close. Being scared is holding me back. Failure and disappointment in myself is so strong. Excuses like my parents visiting is my scapegoat. I should have used this opportunity to practice and practice so I have tons of amazing memories to look back on, but I have zero self confidence and choose to do nothing. Also the doubt of not having enough things to take pictures off!

This is what made me decide to do a 30 day Challenge where I should take at least one picture a day. What I’m hoping this would do, is teach me to look for something to take a picture of everyday and also to find what I prefer shooting. I have done a lot of landscapes recently, not sure if it is because landscapes are so readily available or if it is just something I enjoy doing. I’m also hoping to that it will encourage me to do more, read more, learn more so I can improve.

Below is the 30 day challenge I have decided on.


Below is one of my favourite foods. I don’t have pork belly often, but man, that crispy skin and juicy meat is always heaven in my mouth!

30 Day Challenge: Day 1: Favourite Food

Thank your for sticking around!