Art is life

New challenge… of course I accept!

Hi All

Starting something new is mostly always exciting! After following a few people on Instagram doing the #100oilstills project, I got so inspired that I decided to do it too.

Keeping in mind that I have never had any art classes – not even in school as child. I did however loved coloring in and tried my hand at painting once. I had a one or two adult evening classes, but I feel like the rooster I painted was more the teacher’s art than mine. As soon as the class was over and I tied to do it again… I had no idea how and just gave up.  That was seven years ago. I really don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

But then I got really inspired and everyone kept saying that drawing and painting can be a skill that you learn, you don’t have to have talent. I honestly didn’t need much encouraging so I took the plunge and the process is daunting and fun at the same time.

I did number one, with only what I saw on Instagram with no research at all. I bought what I thought I needed and did it. I got overwhelmed with the background and stopped before I could ruin it forever.

When I did number two I realized that I needed to do more research to figure out how to use shadows and highlights to create depth. I mostly concentrated on the actual apple, and didn’t do well with the background. I was happy with the apple though.

When I did number three I was a bit disappointed as I didn’t see a real positive difference from two to three, but I think I did better with the background this time.

I then decided that since I’m worried that my forth apple will not be on par with my second one, I went for a leaf. Doing number four left me disappointed. It felt like I didn’t apply anything I learned from two to three, but decided to keep it as a reminder.

When I did number five, I restored my confidence although I’m not really happy with the pair, I had a biiggg win with the background.

Doing number six I ventured out to a little plate and I really enjoyed using the yellows and the whites. This turned out to be one of my favorites at the moment.

I then did a banana and a mandarin for number seven. I could see progress with this one, but I also noticed that I need to work on proportions.

Number eight will have to be my second favorite. I really enjoyed doing this milk jar and I think I might enjoy painting ironstone.

So I venture to more ironstone and some fruit for number nine. I loved the bowl and working on the mandarins was fun.

Then there was number ten. Thinking flowers needs to be my next step, I painted this one. It was very much out of my comfort zone. When I have to paint more complex stills, I get a bit overwhelmed and I decided that I really struggle with leaves. That is something to work on in the next round.

Tons of progress.. I’m really happy with what I achieved, but still a long way to go.